No one uses a rolodex anymore because who you need to know and how you reach them is constantly changing. New writers and journalists pop up every day, and our team is constantly scouring media coverage of our client’s sectors for incredible established and up-and-coming content creators that see the big picture and love telling the story that goes beyond just what’s in a press release.

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Every Media Relations firm will tell you they have “a list of industry contacts and can get you great media coverage”, and while our contact list is as long as the next firm’s, we have the technology, the storytelling, and the experience to influence not only traditional media outlets but also social influencers, instagram stars, youtube vloggers, bloggers, and anyone else producing content consumed by millions on the web and in print today.


When a reporter sticks a camera in your face for the first time, and you freeze or stutter, you’ll wish you talked to us first. We’re communications professionals, but unlike those other firms that studied PR in College, we were writing slam poetry and perfecting how to speak multiple languages on stages around the world. If nothing else, we know how to talk, and we can teach you how to do it so that you look like Regis on a Monday Morning.



We get it, your company is fantastic, or we wouldn’t be working with you…but convincing a journalist or a blogger that you’re as great as we think you are is a completely different story. We take what’s already awesome about your company, your products, and your team and we craft those stories and assets into things that the media will be begging to cover.