Media relations

Over the last two decades, the media has changed more than almost any industry. Facebook influences elections, youtube causes markets to shift overnight, and Snapchat shapes the way that people learn about the world. The companies that make up the global economy look nothing like they did 20 years ago, and the content creators and journalists covering these shifts look for stories in a dramatically different way than they used to. To master relating with the media in today’s world, you need a mix of professionalism, tenacity, and originality that can only come by working with a firm comprised of both seasoned professionals and digital natives. At TrendLogic, we move with the industry by combining years of experience and youthful creativity to reach out to the media in innovative ways, influence the story that is shaping public perspective, train you on the best ways to connect with the creators moving forward, and help you craft the story that will get you noticed amidst all the noise.

In short: we spend time on Snapchat so you don’t have to.

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Social media so you don't have to

Public relations

It’s impossible today to have a product or a company and not interact with the public. Our world is so connected that your customers, partners, and the media won’t allow you to stay silent. Your story is being told with or without you. People are already asking you questions online, they’re sharing articles about you, they’re talking about you in videos and podcasts, and they’re snapping your logo and adding it to countless online platforms you’re not yet aware of. Only by working to create content, distribute it to the right channels, manage your message and measure the results can you hope to tell the best story possible. At TrendLogic, we don’t separate Media and Public Relations – they live together as we hone a story that resonates with people in the way that you hope it does. When an artist creates a great work and releases it into the world, he cannot control how the public reacts, but today, he can join the conversation. That’s where we come in.

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